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Watershed aimed at the sustainable distribution of its resources and the process of creating and implementing plans.

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Our Areas of Focus

  • Child Education

    Education is the most powerful weapon to eradicate the poverty in this world. We are doing the project to uplift and develop the Scavenger, Chamber employees & Agri Coolies children in Dharapuram, Tiruppur District and Sivagangai.

    Skill development

    The Mission has been developed to create convergence across sectors in order to achieve the vision of a 'Skilled India'.

    Literacy for children

    Literacy for Children
    Education is the most powerful weapon to eradicate poverty in this world. Projects have been set up to uplift and develop the Scavenger, Chamber employees & Agri Coolies children in Dharapuram, Tiruppur, and Sivagangai. We are also enabling children to read and write by inducing knowledge systematically. The children first learn to speak, write, and read in their own language. Without knowing a language, they are blinded by ignorance.

  • Tailoring Classes

    The training centre for sewing in the city of Dharapuram trains around 100 down trodden women per year from the village area. Dharapuram is 35 km away from Tirupur, a city known for textiles. The city of Tirupur provides wonderful opportunities to develop their economic condition. Dharapuram is also growing in the sector of readymade garments industry.

    Spoken English

    Volunteer Teaching English in India at orphanages and local schools. By Volunteering with children you can help them come out of the poverty cycle. ..

    TAWDEVA Watershed Project

    The project will make attempts at convergence with other departments to achieve the maximum level of efficiency in intervention. Project planning will be done in such a manner that the farmers and the other villagers in the watershed area will take over physical and financial management and maintenance of the project.


  • Welcome to Taprishngo, a NGO striving to serve the under privileged

    Taprish is a non profit organization that is dedicated to serve the under privileged people in India. We help poverty stricken families to lead a better life by educating children, assist orphanges by donating time and food, medical camps and water shed conservation development in villages. The inspiration behind Taprish is the remarkable story of the founder, Taj Rowland who was kidnapped as a child from India, and adopted into a loving American family. Growing up in America, Taj never forgot about his family and the home he was taken away from. At the age of 25, he decided to take a trip to India to find his roots and his lost family. He miraculously found his family with the help of his friend, Christopher Raj. Taj’s family was very poor and he was desperate to start helping them. Taprish was launched in the year 2001 by Taj Rowland and Christopher Raj to help impoverished families one at a time.

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Our Statements

Goal Statements

1.The drop out rate among the children from quarry workers, brickwork coolies will be brought down from 95% to 50%.
2. Malnutrition, vitamin deficiency and communicable diseases found among children will be minimized from 75% to 25% in a period of 5 years.

Major Programmes

1. Periodical and annual medical check up would be done.
2. Monitoring their growth every month for children from 3-5 years of age.
3.. Early Learning centre (ELC) for the children.
4. Counseling to the parents of children for fruitful and meaningful life.
5. Growth assessment of ELC children..

Plan of action (POA)

1. Children would be put up in schools for early education.
2. Medical camps – checkups would be arranged.
3. Nutritious food for children.
4. Growth Monitoring.
5. Treating the minor ailments.